Motherboard not booting pt 2....third times a charm?

Im now on my third mb the first a pc100 sis chipset the second a microstar and the latest a soyo sema+ All three have crapped out on me Ive grounded and re-grounded myself had all the components checked and re-checked and re-re-checked and tried all the respective mbs homepages the most helpful being soyo's and one thing one possible soulution stood out that i might have grounded the board with the case how could i possibly done this I dont know but i attached the board with the screws i got when i bought the case, im afaraid to install the new board for fear of frying another board help!!!
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Somebody_elseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok help us out a little, after it is in the case and the power is attached and you press the on button, what happens? nothing? when you attached the motherboard to the case did you use standoffs or did you just screw them motherboard flush to the case? there are little standoffs (look like nuts with a screw coming off one end) that you need to put into the case (in the motherboard holes in the case) and then you screw the motherboard into those.

post answers to these questions and I'll try to help further.
mooseman3211Author Commented:
yep, i got nothing not even a stattus beep, and no i did not use standoffs, i checked the screws that came with the mb as well as what came off the case and could not find any, but I will look, thanks
see if the leads (tiny metal points from the resistors on the motherboard on the bottom of the motherboard) are touching the case, since you didn't use the standoffs the leads might be touching the metal interior of the case and that would definitely cause shorts. The standoffs would have come with the case probably not the motherboard. you can buy these at a store like Fry's.
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You really need to use standoffs or spacers.  These should have come with your motherboard.  If they did not, you need to get them.  This is a very high risk of burn out if you do not use them.  

I have noticed, particularly with PC-100 mainboards, that this problem is more often than not memory related.  In the systems I have repaired, this has been caused by a short less than 5% of the time.  The rest have been directly related to what type of system memory you have.  PC-100 boards do not work well with Double-sided memory modules.  They may work, but they will frequently not power up at all.  This problem can only be resolved by purchasing a mainboard that supports both dual and single-sided memory, or by purchasing the opposing type of memory.  I hope this helps.

mooseman3211Author Commented:
Right on the money. No standoffs no power. found standoffs on my dead board and transferred them thanks
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