Printing Tiff and Jpeg files with HP Deskjet

My Compaq Presario 1210 laptop (running W95 4.0, Microsoft Internet Mail and IE 4.01) receives and displays beautifully photos sent as e-mail attachments in tiff or jpeg formats. But, although it will print pictures from the Internet very well, my HP Deskjet 820 Cse with driver v. 8.5 will not print the photos sent in either format.

I suspect I am missing some information about what is printable and what is not. Is there any way to print these photos?
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bparnesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This likely isn't a printer problem at all. From what you've said, the printer is doing exactly what it is supposed to, and doing it very well.

More likely, this is a problem with Picture Viewer and its failure to get a print file delivered to the printer. First thing to check is that your HP 820 is the printer Picture Viewer "thinks" it is supposed to be printing to. Instead of clicking "Print" go to the file menu and select "Print...", then check the resulting window to see what your configuration is set to. You should see the HP820 designated at the printer, but you may see something else. Let us know what you see.
What happens when you try to print these photos ? do they print at all you get blank pages or what ?

Are you recieving these pictures through e-mail and if so are you opening up the pictures in internet explorer ? or are you opening then up in another program. Also what e-mail program do you use and what do company do you use to access the internet AOL, MSN, Compuserve ?
Check the settings in the printer.  More than likely they are set wrong.  If they are correct it may be a printer issue or a driver problem.  Download the latest drivers off HP's website and reload.  Try running an HP test page to see what it does.  Go into paint, make a quick colored abject and print it.  Does it print okay?  Let me know if any of these help.
ErmintrudeAuthor Commented:
I am running the latest available driver for the HP Cse Deskjet--that is v8.5. Everything prints beautifully except the photos---pictures from the Internet print well and text from all sources prints well.

I receive the photos in both tiff and jpeg formats in MS Internet mail--no problems. I open the attachments in QuickTime Picture Viewer---no problem.  (I can also save them to a folder.) The Picture Viewer screen has a print option, but when I click "Print" and the printer option screen comes up and is okayed, nothing further happens. There is no communication with the printer. These pictures are the only things for which I can't establish communication with the printer.


ErmintrudeAuthor Commented:
I see HP820 as expected. I have only one printer and it is "default" printer.
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