Solaris: boot manager

I have a Solaris7 for x86 on one partition and I have installed Win95 on
another. Win95 on install had overitten the Solaris boot manager and now the
only way I can load Solaris is by booting from a floppy. Is there any way to load back the Solaris's boot manager without reinstalling the whole system?

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Look at the man pages for installboot(1M)

installboot - install bootblocks in a disk partition

nstallboot pboot bootblk raw-disk-device
Of course, You should first make sure that the solaris partition is active. If it is not make it active and reboot.

Then use installboot if this does not work.

1. Boot off of floppy

2.  Make sure you are going to put the bootblocks on the correct partition. prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s2 for example. Just so you don't screw up another partition.

3. installboot /usr/platform/i86pc/lib/fs/ufs/pboot \
               /usr/platform/i86pc/lib/fs/ufs/bootblk \         
4. reboot

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Or if you dont want the steps set by geoff2000 just do a fresh install from the CD and when prompted run as an upgrade rather than initial.
Woops, I thought I sent mine as an answer not a comment.
alex123Author Commented:
I don't think that would work, I tried it before I posted a question

geoff2000: I will try your suggestion tommorow and transfer the points then
Good Luck.
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