to inthe

Wow, Barry,
big jump to the third place, congrats to ya
don't wanna get you upset,
but i wonder, how you could get so much pts since yesterday,
cause i compared it with your profile.
in the last 3 days, 17. 18. 19. you answered, as allways, many q's. At least, i read, that, 10% of it are 62 pts worth.
So all of them graded with an A ....mmmhh, can't be nearly
4000 pts !
Well, i know you as a pretty fair and engaged expert, so be sure, i don't wanna bring any harm on you.
No suspicion at all !!
I'm really curious only !!
Espacially, because i saw this sometimes happening to other experts, too e.g. Raymond some month ago reaching the top.

May be there are some reasons for that, which are not transparent to all the other users like me at the moment .
that's why i ask this q.
So, Pierre :O), could you please clear up this q 4 me
btw.  originally  "in the ????
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>>So all of them graded with an A

actually several of them i got B's for!
good answers that the questioner says "yep thats the answer i needed" then give a B grade <WHATS WITH THAT>?

>>10% of it are 62 pts worth.

ok the answer is simple.
first it took several days not just yesterday :-)
but the main thing i think has confused you is the date issue.some questions i got points for in last few days were/are from days/weeks ago
so appear a long way down in my paq.
the date you see is the date the question was asked not the date it was answered ..
hope you undestand what i mean.
cheers and have merry xmas
regards Barry

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i think im right about the date thing anyway it seems that way because some quetions i answered yesterday were asked several days ago and appear in my paq under the date they were asked   :-)
I, too, had been wondering :)

Congrats inthe

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note also meikl has had no points for 5 days ,must be on holiday or something ;-)

>>btw.  originally  "in the ????

(not updated for a while so excuse any problems with urls)

hehe.. he got tons of points from me :)) from several of Q's i was evaluating that he had commented, answered :)

i did notice i kicked he's ass up one rank :))
i would not wonder if he got 3-4000 Points in total from kind me :)
eg 100 x A = 400 Pts right?
hehe not quite michael there were a few(about 20 )other questions as well.
i had several questions half answered so i went a bit mad and one * one solved them all in about 3 days.

this (Edited by Computer101) me off
see the 50 point question i just answered
"inserting text into a memo" ,well the question reads:
Hey all,
  I know how to do this in VB but unfortunately this isn't VB is it?  :)  How would I insert some text into a memo control where ever the cursor is located at that time??


answer by me:


guess what grade .....a bloody B !
what do these people want ?
Yup, saw (and commented on) that one, I wonder what gets an 'A'?  Not quite as annoying as the '42' :) prob, but getting there :)

i always answer A if they gave me what i wanted, but when someone gives me like "no offence" simonet answer about the CPU stuff with a VCL no source where i Directly wrote FULL SOURCE WANTED, then i oki.. got a bit to (Edited by Computer101) "bad words", but many used to SUBMIT such as Answers to me, and that can really (Edited by Computer101) me off..
yep if im accepting an answer to my question i always give an A  ...
42 is life.
brainware i seen that question you mean about the cpu ,that was funnee :-)
inthe: you didnt see message by Simonet did u?
yep..well i see the topic that alex went mental at you after you rejected his answer.and in that thread you said "i want sources" not his components(without sources)
heh mental.. sweet commens he came with :)

i was almost gonna say he have seen THE MATRIX to many times :) i feel offended by your smell.. :))

oh well Simonet can wip my ass all he wants i prolly did deserve it :)
The Matrix now there a damn fine film,i
only bought it 3 days ago and glad i did :-))
;-) congrates barry

i thought that you catch me soon

>note also meikl has had no points for
>5 days ,must be on holiday or
>something ;-)

i've terrible much to do (y2k tests from third programmers (oracle packages)) and i will not work between christmas and the new year, therefore i'm short in time also this week, as the two last weeks. taking only a short look into ex-ex, when i do a break.

well, next year,  i will get back the third place (i hope) :-))

meikl ;-)
hehe no chance its mine  :-)
well, ok :-))
IndefreiAuthor Commented:
Hi Barry
Thanx for the comments
and be sure this time you get an A  , he, he :O)

(hope, you still have your background, you know the
books the wall etc.)

****Merry MatriXMas**** to you
don't miss the next parts

yep and my plants growing too big for office need to chop it up a bit.

>>don't miss the next parts <<
the next parts?
they are making another matrix?
mm..hope so cause the ending was a bit quick in first one..
IndefreiAuthor Commented:
Hi again Barry

The Matrix 2 (2000)

Director: Andy and Larry Wachowski / Warner Brothers.

Keanu is reportedly about to sign a deal to act in two "Matrix" sequels where he would receive either USD30 million or 15 percent of the gross of the two films, whichever is greater.

Spencer Lamm, producer of The Matrix and its forthcoming two sequels talked yesterday at The San Diego Comic Convention about the two sequels. He gave away several bits and pieces of

The movies will be shot in Australia back-to-back for around 8 months, and their fall 2000 start date should give Keanu time to squeeze another job in there, just to raise a little mad money.

Keanu has shown interest in some other movies. One of them being filmed in Australian neighbor country New Zealand is the trilogy "Lord of the Rings" with a total budget of USD200 million!

Warner hopes to release the movies within months of each other, with the second picture ending in a cliffhanger that's resolved in the third.

Manex and the Wachowskis have had discussions about "raising the concept of bullet-time to the next level," as reported at the 1999 San Diego Comic Convention (August 1999).

IGN Movies reported on October 1st, 1999, the Wachowski brothers and Manex Entertainment (who created the first Matrix "bullet-time" effects) have discussed a car chase sequence in the second Matrix film that promises to re-juvinate this form of action scene. As the story goes, Neo is being chased by a group of Agents, racing down city streets to try and lose his pursuers... except the Agents are jumping into different drivers' bodies during the chase sequence.

So, it will be as with most part twos
more action less fascination
but lets be surprised very soon

and watch it in cinema, it's much better !

so, keep on running for Madshi
good luck
great more good news my favorite book
"Lord of the Rings" (im in the middle of reading for the 50th time) is coming to cinema and being filmed in my country too :-)
i had been following :
but didnt realise a "big budget actor" like k. Reeves might be in it..

matrix part 2 cant wait to see the effects ..
i guess u both are great motion picture film visitors ;-)
This discussion have neat Events :) or should we call it Results of stuppid comments by me (again)  :)

but great results hehe..
IndefreiAuthor Commented:
Yeah, meikl is right
I'm addicted to good movies since i'v seen The Exorcist (and a few before)
Long time ago
but you regrettably find really well done movies may be 3 a year
so i really enjoyed watching such an interesting ( and not in any case boring)            
movie as Matrix. (It's really seldom these days, that you are interested and amused
about, whats gonna be happen the next minute over such a long period(136 Min.)
without the feeling of being Mr. Wiseguy)
Even when i'm travelling, i'm gonna take any chance, to be in the other matrix.
In India (Cotchin) i saw Gandhi month before the western did , in Singapore
it was one of those Bond movies (Living daylight), In Tatopani(Nepal) the Gods were crazy, In Egypt the Thing of an other world got me, in Sidney i saw ,I think, it's called King of the fisherman with this ugly but good Robin Williams, in the States it was The Terminator II. and so on....
but i prefere , as years ago, the future and the fascinating fictions in any case,
no, not in any, but in very many,  so in line it were some like
Blade runner
The lambs
(i have seen so many sweet lambs when i was looking out of our tent in Newseeland or in New South Wales. Victoria or South Australia)
and later there came
Strange days
Yeah, remember Tron, (just nice)
For further effects, sure, there were some others ( and better ones, of cource, but also worse as Starship troopers)
Yes, i know, times of Ingmar Bergman are gone
But i like to tell, good stories will allways make their way.
And i hope, that I'm allways curious about them

i've read the little hobbit, not the whole legend
But i saw  (think, 15 years ago, the "Lord of the Rings", a not so bad half comic
(don't know, how to explain).
It's good  to know, that they gonna film some parts in your home country, as far, as
i saw those woods of big farn and huge(I don't know the translation of Broccoli, it's one kind of vegetables)  on the southern Island southwest of Mt Aspiring up to
btw. Some friends of mine from Berlin felt in love with NSL in 92, built a house at the beach west of Aukland in 95, and I'm gonna visit it in Jannar 2001, the only time warm enough in the land of the long white cloud.( I really know that, cause i've visited your country in october once, BBRrrrrrrrrrrrrr, got a cold and escaped after one week to Sydney, warmmmmmhhhh and never forget this.)
What I wanna know now (supposing you'll enter this q again) is, what was the
cheap Airline you got in your  q in the topic Australia Travel last year, when you went home in April. And was is GOOD and SAVE enough regarding to the really very good service of the Air New Sealand, which i could enjoy on my last travel around the world (pretty cheap package for 2700 DM with 8! stoppovers)?

Well, long comment again
And maybe no one's gonna read this PAQ again.
Be sure, that i will write it to you for (perhaps) my own advantage very soon.
If i only could find out your email adress
Hey, sure, there was something, great
so you like the Borgs !??  Ha ha

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