IIS apps to display and update records

I have written an IIS application in VB to display a record at a time and allow add, delete, modify etc. but I cant get it to work.   I cant seem to get the value in the text boxes into the data fields.  I have defined the form tag as follows:
<form name="identupdate" method=post action="" >

 <table  border="1" width="100%" height="70">
      <td width="12%" bgcolor="#808000" align="middle" height="17"><font color="#ffff00">Ident Code</font></td>
      <td width="12%" bgcolor="#808000" align="middle" height="17"><font color="#ffff00">Facility Code</font></td>
      <td width="12%" bgcolor="#808000" align="middle" height="17"><font color="#ffff00">Facility
      <td width="12%" bgcolor="#808000" align="middle" height="17"><font color="#ffff00">Survey Period
      <td width="13%" bgcolor="#808000" align="middle" height="17"><font color="#ffff00">Last Survey</font></td>
      <td width="13%" bgcolor="#808000" align="middle" height="17"><font color="#ffff00">Surveyed by</font></td>
      <td width="13%" bgcolor="#808000" align="middle" height="17"><font color="#ffff00">Remarks</font></td>
      <td width="12%" align="middle" height="41"><input size="6" type="TEXT"  name="T1" value="<WC@fieldIdentCode></WC@fieldIdentCode>" MAXLENGTH=6></td>

  <td width="12%" align="middle" height="41"><input name="T2"   size="5" value="<WC@fieldFacilityCode></WC@fieldFacilityCode>"></td>

   <td width="12%" align="middle" height="41"><input name="T3" size="17" value=<WC@fieldFacilityDetail></WC@fieldFacilityDetail>" </td>
 <td width="12%" align="middle" height="41"><input name="T6" size="3"
<td width="13%" align="middle" height="41"><input name="T4" size="7"
 value="<WC@fieldLastSurvey></WC@fieldLastSurvey>" ></td>

<td width="13%" align="middle" height="41"><input name="T5" size="4" value="<WC@FIELDSURVEYBY></WC@FIELDSURVEYBY>"></td>

<td width="13%" align="middle" height="41"><TEXTAREA name=S1 rows=1><WC@FIELDREMARKS></WC@FIELDREMARKS></TEXTAREA></WC@FIELDREMARKS></td>

I am trying to get the text by access the request.form("Identcode") but all I get is an empty value. Could anybody help me.  Or has any body have a sample program to display a record of a database with buttons to add a new record, modify, search, delete, cancel.  This must be an IIS vb application. I would like the template so I could follow the logic.

I would really appriciate this.  Many thanks
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celoAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
From the code listed above your problem is the HTML form field names.


<td width="12%" align="middle" height="41"><input size="6" type="TEXT"  name="T1" value="<WC@fieldIdentCode></WC@fieldIdentCode>" MAXLENGTH=6></td>

Pay close attention to the 'name' attribute of the form tag. In the example listed above you would need to grab the value of the input box as follows:

IdentCode = Request.Form("T1")

Make sure you give your input boxes descriptive names to help you along with your scripts.


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celoAuthor Commented:
I am using IdentCode = Request.Form("T1") to obtain the value , but I am only getting the values of the submit button.

Any sample code and template for what I need to do.
Using Request.Form implies that you are using the POST method for your form.

If your unsure which method your using(or just want IIS to search em all) use:

IdentCode = Request("T1")
Response.Write "IdentCode: " & IdentCode & "'"

I noticed above that your form tag doesn't have an action in it either...add in the filename you want the script to submit to for that attribute as such:

<form action="process.asp" method="POST">
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