Insert include picture in label object using vba

I'm not sure how to get a logo/bitmap to print with a label using vba.  I can insert the graphic on top of the label using the User Interface, but can't seem to do the same via code.  Any ideas?  The code inserts the text portion of the includepicture function only.

Everything else seems to work fine in code, including label and envelope selection.
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Hi billinb

Does this help?

The DataObject and the Clipboard both provide a means to move data from one place to another. As an application developer, there are several important points to remember when you use either a DataObject or the Clipboard:

·      You can store more than one piece of data at a time on either a DataObject or the Clipboard as long as each piece of data has a different data format. If you store data with a format that is already in use, the new data is saved and the old data is discarded.
·      The Clipboard supports picture formats and text formats. A DataObject currently supports only text formats.
·      A DataObject exists only while your application is running; the Clipboard exists as long as the operating system is running. This means you can put data on the Clipboard and close an application without losing the data. The same is not true with the DataObject. If you close the application that put data on a DataObject, you lose the data.

·      A DataObject is a standard OLE object, while the Clipboard is not. This means the Clipboard can support standard move operations (copy, cut, and paste) but not drag-and-drop operations. You must use the DataObject if you want your application to support drag-and-drop operations.

Tip   You can define your own data format names when you use the SetText method to move data to the Clipboard or a DataObject. This can help distinguish between text that your application moves and text that the user moves.


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billinbAuthor Commented:
Q123312 and
Q85442 on the knowledgebase sort of point to the same thing, that is I think I may have to use a mailmerge field and a table.  (I don't really want to do it this way.)

However I think I'm missing something, as far as the operation of Word, I'll read up more on OLE objects.

I'm using Word 97.
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