empty remove programs list

i tried using netscape smartdownload, switched to gozilla, and wanted to remove smartdownload from my computer. the recommended method is: control panel>add/remove. there are no programs listed. how can this be??

(i believe i solved the remove smartdownload problem by reloading the program, after which it did appear in add/remove and then removing it. still, i am curious. how can the list be empty)

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may be this application does not support automatic uninstallation feature, so that try to find uninstall in other place for example in it's application shortcut folder. If you do not find it you can remove it manually by erasing it's directory and remove it from windows registry.

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Other possibilities include (and they vary by how a program is written):

*  Installation never completed
*  Installation didn't properly register with Windows 98 via correct registry update/entry
*  Corrupted or incorrect version of dll or other files
*  Bad shutdown may have corrupted portions of the program
*  The software either wasn't  Win98 compliant; or incorrect path statement
*  Cross-linked files
*  Files were manually moved that impact the application in question

Though there are still more.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Installation problems we've had have been corrected, as you discovered, by reinstallation; AND using Start - run - SFC to ensure no key Windows 98 system files are overwritten and/or corrupted.  Running maintenance (scandisk/defrag/cleanup, etc.) is integral to good performance and finding resolving cross linked files (among other reasons).
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Check this address in you registry.
This is where the add/remove gets it's info.


You should see all your items that should be seen in your

Verify please.

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squaresAuthor Commented:
astaec, motaz,  perhaps i wasn't clear. smartdownload ran fine (though not as complete a program as gozilla). it has no program file and no uninstall utility. netscape instructions say to uninstall from add/remove. also, the question was why NO programs are still listed in add/remove.

smeebud, i checked the registry as you suggested. uninstall file shows as 'default'. 'no value set'.  

how can all these program listings disappear. history: couple of weeks ago i installed a new hd and 'copied', using disk manager the old hd onto the new hd. everything seems to work the same. i do run mcafee n&b cleanup and reg clean up occassionally. could this have removed the add/remove list?

Jeff, unfortunately McAfee's N&B rewrites the CLSID's for the add/remove programs list. Once this occurs and the CLSID's are gone, Regclean removes the keys as the assignments are gone. And before you ask, no there isn't any way of restoring them unless you have a registry backup that precedes regclean or McAfee. (other than reinstalling the applications, that is!)

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I certainly did not get that ZERO programs were listed in the add/remove programs list view.  Unfortunately, having also used N&B to work on a customized system and doing much of what you did, forced me to reinstall many programs.  The odd thing, though, is that I did have SOME programs still listed under add/remove.  I did what I could to avoid a total reformat and reinstall (as Dennis knows), but am struggling to this day on that system with intermittent problems.  I call it my patchwork system; sure hope you don't find yourself in this predicament.  I recall trying to remove N&B in total using normal uninstallation activities and even that wasn't clean, had to methodically search my registry and manually delete keys.  Hopefully you've got a more current and improved N&B product than I had.

squaresAuthor Commented:
for your edification:  i loaded a few utilities, therefore had some listings in add/remove.  ran mcafee registry repair (ha ha). after listing about 50 orphans and fixing about 9 it left me with a list that contained 'localmachine\software\microsoft\windows\current version\uninstall\auctionferret'. it couldn't fix and i deleted it. checked add/remove. gone!

i had done that previously, just deleting all orphans after attempting to repair them. something i read in mcafee help board indicated that would be ok to do. guess not. though the mcafee uninstall program will still be able to do uninstalling, so i'm hoping it won't be a problem.

Geeeez I hate those 3rd party utilities!
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