Can anyone identify this Motherboard?

Go to this url

This is a desktop board and I am wondering if it will fit in dell 486p
or packard bell case.  I think It might
be a packard bell as I understand they are going out of business.  Thank You
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Bad URL, get a 404 on it

jcperkinAuthor Commented:

Dont know what the problem is as that is the correct url.  it is item
222180187 on Ebay.  Their is a picture
of the board on that page.  Or try this
Thanks for your effort.


jcperkinAuthor Commented:
I tested those last 2 out.  Use the bottom one for the picture of the board only.  Thanks

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The board is for a Mini-AT style case.  It uses a board to allow you to install your PCI, and ISA boards basicaly paralel to the system board.  The onboard video, and I/O protrude through the back of the case for accessability.  Unless you know the specific case that this was designed for, you will be hard pressed to find a case that this will fit into.
jcperkinAuthor Commented:
Sorry to reject your answer but I am
looking for the mfgr of the board.  I
Thought that maybe someone would recognize it.  I have PB and Dell cases
and was hoping that it was for one of them.  I since found out that it wont
fit my PB as it is 10" by 13"
thanks for your reply.

Well, I cant say for sure, but it looks similar to an Intel based board manufactured for Gateway a few years back.

I can see that it has an OPTi chipset.
Why don't you email the seller & ask them?

jcperkinAuthor Commented:

Well, I did and the only thing I got was
the size of the board and that the
riser card did not come with it.

jason s

Ill check out that site tnx.  Joe
If the riser card is not included, then you would not be able to install any expansion cards.

The feling I get from this auction is DON'T DO IT!  Theres no processor, no cache, no memory, no riser card, and it will not fit into a standard case.  For the money you would have to put into it, you could get something better.  I wouldn't take the board if it was given to me.

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