VTS_VARIANT/VARIANT and ActiveX controls

I am using the CMapiMessges ActiveX control and stuck when it comes to using functions that require the passing of a VARIANT. For example, the following function:

void CMapiMessages::Send(const VARIANT& vDialog)
      static BYTE parms[] =
      InvokeHelper(0x2b, DISPATCH_METHOD, VT_EMPTY, NULL, parms,

In VB, the way to send a mail is:

mapMess.Send True 'this statement actually launches the Send Mail Dialog.

In VC++, using the CMapiMessges control, it is the following, except I'm stuck on what to put in the Send() function.


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You just need to have a VARIANT that evaluates to TRUE or FALSE.

VARIANT myVariant;
V_VT(&myVariant) = VT_BOOL;
V_BOOL(&myVariant) = VARIANT_TRUE;
// or, use VARIANT_FALSE


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Malek103197Author Commented:
Thanks for your solution. I foresee myself using more and more ActiveX controls and therefore, must build a better understanding of the use of the VARIANT. Can you suggest a resource for learning more on this? Thanks again.
The documentation I've been able to find on it is really weak. I'm writing an article about it, and it'll probably be published soon.

"Inside OLE" (Kraig Brockschmidt's book) and various scattered articles in MSDN have advice about 'em. But not much more than that.

..B ekiM
Malek103197Author Commented:
Thanks for the info.
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