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I will to develop a simple program that is activated all the time with the system date n time appear....n each month, the 1st day this program will try to execute another program.
I used timer control that can detect the system time with second by second....how to make sure the system date also changed as the time...pass 24 hr.

I have no idea about detecting when to execute the program.
is it using loop all the time to match the cretain date n time to execute the program...hope someone can help me...

thks 1st

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vgruConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no point in taking up memory space by having the program running all the time.

Simply install the WinATT application on your machine and assign the time, month, frequency etc that you want your program, to run.

This will launch your application.

To stop the application.  Put an if then statement on the timer control timer event to chech for a specific time.

Hope this helps!
Put a timer control, and add a global variable. set the timer to 60000. In _Timer even put:

If gCounter>=60*24 then
'Shell here
end if
mictanAuthor Commented:
Sorry, i think i had found the answer butthe thing i encounter, i wish to activate a .mdb file but error message will appear as sth call procedure....y like that?
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