Very long MFC CListCtrl lists ?

I want to use CListCtrl list with many items (e.g. more then 30000), but it is impossible or very slow. Is there any solution for this problem? I will accept solutions with some other control, but with similar functionality.
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Use Virtual list control instead
U will find relevent info on microsoft web site
You can turn the list control into a virtual list control. This is a new style implemented with the common controls version included with Internet Explorer 4.0 (among other places). It is also included with Visual C++ 6.0.
You simply have to handle two additional messages. On to provide feedback for a certain item requested by the control, and the other to manage a cache, in order to speed up things. YOu can find more information in, where they also have example code.
I can assure you the problem is not with the list control itself, simply your usage of it.

The most efficient use of a list control is via the Text Callback mechanism:

Using this mechanism in release code on a 500 MHz PII with 128M RAM and a fast Video Card  I can fill the list with 100,000 rows in less than 7 seconds, this is about 15,000 rows per second.  So for your 30,000 rows this would be about 2 seconds.

Note also, that I am using a relatively inefficient method for formatting the text on each row.  The speed could be dramatically improved by doing something more sensible, I suspect that you could fill a list ctrl with 100,000 entries using something 'smarter' than sprintf in less than 1 second.

void CListDlg::OnGetdispinfoList1(NMHDR* pNMHDR, LRESULT* pResult)

      sprintf(pDispInfo->item.pszText, "Text line %d", pDispInfo->item.iItem);


      *pResult = 0;

void CListDlg::FillList()
      CWaitCursor o;

      for(int i = 0; i < 100000; i++)
            m_List.InsertItem(i, LPSTR_TEXTCALLBACK );


void CListDlg::OnOK()
See the APIBROW.ZIP sample at . (Note that my webpage will soon move to )

This sample is described at great length in my book.

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