W2000 BDC ????

Hi all.

How can i set up my W2000 as a BDC of an
NT4 (SP5) ???

A message pops up saying that my PDC(NT4) is not an Active Directory Domain.

If it helps, the PDC is configured as a Web server of my company, so it has DNS, WINS, correctly configured.

Thanks in advance. !!!
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Windows 2000 Domain Controllers do not differentiate between BDC and PDC, all are equal.  The first DC you create in a W2K domain automatically becomes the PDC emulator for that domain.  Only NT4 BDC's can be BDC.s!  Your only choice would be to demote your current PDC to a BDC and let the W2K DC act as the PDC.  To do this, you could make the new machine a BDC on the current NT4 domain, demote the current PDC and promote the new one, then Upgrade the new machine to W2K.  It will automatically remain the PDC of the NT4 domain, and the "old" PDC will remain a BDC.

Hope this helps,

CaballeroFAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your comment.
But i realized that it's more complicated than i thought for my network.

My new W2K is an english version, and all my PDC and BDC's are spanish versions.

To do what you say, i first have to upgrade my PDC NT4 to W2K to configure Active Directory and i can't upgrade it with a different language.

As i have the installs in English, i can't upgrade my NT4's.

If i'm wrong, please let me know.

Thank's anyway.
No, you do NOT need to upgrade any existing PDC or BDC.  You should install the new machine (the one you are going to make W2K) FIRST as an (English) NT4 BDC in the existing domain.  Then, demote the existing (Spanish) PDC to a BDC and promote the new machine to the PDC.  Finally, upgrade the "new" (English) PDC to W2K.  It will make itself the PDC emulator on the existing domain, and all your "old" NT4 BDC's will remain BDC's with no other changes needed to them.
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CaballeroFAuthor Commented:
I have understood all what you explained to me.

But to make my W2K (english) a BDC of my existing domain (NT4 PDC (spanish)), the setup tells me that the PDC does not have the Active Directory installed.

To install it on my NT4 PDC (spanish), i have to upgrade it.
I can't, because it can't be upgraded in a different language.

Do not hesitate to tell me that i'm a stupid if you think so, but it's my first time on W2K.

Sorry if i miss somthing obvious for you.
Of course I do not think you are stupid!  If anything, it is my problem for not being able to make myself clear.  Let me try once more.

You can NOT make Windows 2000 a BDC in ANY domain!  It can only be a PDC in a Windows NT 4.x domain or a Domain Controller (neither PDC nor BDC) in a Windows 2000 native Domain.  If you want the W2K server to be a domain controller in the NT4 domain, you MUST make it the PDC. Here are the steps to follow to do this:

1.  Take your new machine and install Windows NT4 server (English Version) on it, making it a BDC of your domain at the same time.

2.  Promote this new BDC to be the PDC of your domain (demoting the existing PDC at the same time).

3.  Install W2K on this new PDC, upgrading it from NT4 to W2K and installing Active Directory at the same time.  This will automatically cause this machine to take on the role of the PDC (though it will really be a W2K Domain Controller EMULATING the PDC).

This is your only choice.  The W2K machine can NEVER be a BDC.

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CaballeroFAuthor Commented:

I have to consider to buy/get the English Version of NT4 to upgrade it later (that was not on my plans) if i want to install W2000 in my company.

Anyway, you were very helpful to me.
I appreciate your efforts.
You deserve the points.

Thanks again.
CaballeroFAuthor Commented:
Remember me ??

I did all you explained to me.
BUT (always there's a BUT), when i'm trying to Upgrade my NT4, a messagge pop's up saying "No valid system partitions were found. Setup is unable to continue."

Any suggestions ???

Of course, i need it urgently as my first question said.

Thank you !!!
You need to partition the hard drive on your new machine.  NT should offer to do this for you but you need to answer the questions correctly.  You should select the "Unpartitioned space" and allow NT to partition and format it.  Read the screens carefully as you are installing to make sure this is what you actually choose.  It can be a little confusing.
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