Creating a DNS entry

How can I create a DNS entry so when a user types in it will forward them to a diffrent server on my LAN. Dose this other PC have to have IIS installed.
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I hope this will do what you want to do:

Assuming you have access to your DNS Server.

1. Go to the DNS Server. Start->Programs->Administrative Tools->DNS Manager (On the DNS Server not your PC)
2. Double Click on the IP Address visible.
3. One of the Entries will be Cache.
4. Under this there will be a COM entry
5. Double click on the COM entry
6. You will find the "Mydomain" entry there.
7. Double click on MyDomain.
8. Right click on the Right Hand side screen pane. A PopUp Menu will be visible.
9. Select the "New Host "Menu item
10. You will have to enter the System Name (in this case it is "techsupport") and IPAddress of the system .Here you enter the IP Address of the Server on the LAN where you want to Forward to.
11. Again from the Popup Menu say Done.
12. Come out of DNS Manager.
13. On the other PC (now techsupport Server ) if the machinee is NT server you need to install the IIS . If it is an NT workstation system you need to install Peer Web Services.

Then you need to configure your IIS or PWS to host the page.

Hope this is what you intend to do.

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Two ways:

1)Add a CNAME entry under DNS manager consisting of a new alias for the server and the hosts full domain name.

2)Add a metatag to the main html page on the old URL redirecting the browser to a new URL
<META HTTP-EQUIV = "REFRESH" CONTENT = "10; URL=HTMLmeta.html#Refresh">
<TITLE>Example 2</TITLE>


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