reading/writing on text files

I´d like to know if it´s possible to work with TEXT FILES in PHP scripts. I need to implement a counter which must read a text file (composed by only one line, an integer number), increment this number and then rewrite this text file.

I´ve been using the following script in PERL to make this work for me: (who knows this bizarre language called PERL here? :-))


print fha,$ct;
- on the first three lines, the file "counter.txt" is opened for input, and the value of its first line (a number) is stored in the variable $ct

- on the following lines the file is opened for output, $ct is incremented and "counter.txt" is rewritten with the new incremented value (print fha,$ct)

so... Is it possible to substitute this script in PERL by one in PHP? Or isnt possible reading/writing text files in PHP?

thanks a lot,

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gravityConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, you could use a database instead, but the following code'll work with the filename 'counter' in the current directory of the php script.

      $file = fopen('counter','r');
      $currentcount = fread($file,filesize('counter'));
      $newcount = $currentcount+1;
      $file = fopen('counter','w-');

If you have any permission denied problems, remember that the file must be readable by the apache daemon... user nobody works for me.
Check out the following link. Till now I haven't used .txt files, but if I would I'd use this :

See if this can help


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