Refresh rate override ?

My video card allows me to "override monitor manifacturer's refresh rate (at your own risk)".  It's a 6MB 3dfx Rush Adrenaline and my monitor is a (3 years old) 17" proview.  The thing is that I want to be use a 1024X768 resolution and because either the card or the screen is too old, I have to override the refresh rate to 70hz to get an stable view.  Proview say that my screen is 56-60hz capable.  Son here is (finaly!) my question:  will it really damage anything ?
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gaunerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no instintanious damage.  The monitor will run quit a bit hotter though and that "wears" the monitor out quicker.  In other words - your cutting the monitors life expectancy short.  Exact numbers are anyone's guess, even for monitor experts.

My dad's computer has the 6MB Intense 3D Voodoo Rush in it too and is hooked up to a 17" Mag Innovision monitor running 1024 x 768 @ 85Hz.  The monitor is designed to max out at 72Hz with this resolution, but its been running fine about 4 hours per day for 1 and a half years now.
(but please, don't blame me if something breaks sooner than you expected:)
Only your eyes...
And your dog might howl a little more...

No.  Really, if your card can handle it, and you don't mind the view, everything should be fine.  

I'll only comment here since I'm no monitor expert.  I will say that I work in a shop of 1500 plus computers and we set the resolutions at 75-85 Hz no matter what the manufacturer says, and we haven't had any significant issues with dying monitors.
Also not a monitor expert, but I know that the specs published for monitors tend to be pretty conservative. If you try to overdrive the monitor, you will usually be able to hear it, or the display will have problems.
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