Parsing "my_project.rc" file

I need to extract the string table from a resource file “.rc”. I want to now if is there any white paper, document, algorithm, schema or something like this describing the structure Visual C++ uses to create such a file. I have to create a parser for this file that can tell me for sure where the string table starts and where it ends.

TIA, Eddie.
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MensanaAuthor Commented:
This isn’t really the answer I was looking for but I have to admit that in that part of MSDN you can find all the information you need to understand the syntax VC++ 6.0 uses to create a .rc file. Mean time I went further trying to extract the string table from a resource (.rc) file. I’ve made a few observations like “the string table is always the last resource defined in a language section”. Assuming that this sentence is TRUE, a string table starts with a header like this:

// String Table

and ends where the first “#endif” is encountered.
To develop a real parser, one would probably need to read and understand the MSDN part indicated by you.
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