/usr/bin/ld: Unsatisfied Symbols: dlopen (code)..

On HPUX 11.0 I'm trying to compile and link an application that contains calls to dlopen, dlclose, dlerror and dlsym using gcc.  I receive the following error:

/usr/bin/ld:  Unsatisfied Symbols:
   dlerror (code)
   dlopen (code)
   dlclose (code)
   dlsym (code)

Can anyone tell me what switches are required to resolve the externals?  I've tried using -ldl and -ldld.

Thank you
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AFAIK the subroutines are names sh_open(), sh_sym(), sh_free()
My man page for dlerror says to add -ldl to the compile command. If this does not work for you, I would try to locate
libdl.sl on your file system (/usr/lib?) and make sure your SHLIB_PATH variable points to that directory. Alternatively, you can specify the directory on the compiler command line using the -L <path> option.

HPUX doesn't support dlxxx() API. You should
use shl_load()/shl_findsym()/etc. to implement
them (or use a third party wrapper). The linking
option to use shl_xxx() is -ldld.
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treewolfAuthor Commented:
Help me understand, if HPUX 11.0 doesn't support dlopen ... why does it include a man page and the appropriate header file dlfcn.h?

Thank you.
shl_load() ??
has it changed in 10.xx, in 9.x it was shl_open()
Answer to freewolf's Tuesday question:

Looks like they are going to provide a wrapper
in later release or they were decide to do so
before 11 and dropped the idea but forgot
to remove the include file. Anyway, I searched
all .sl, .o and .a file in my 11 box and couldn;t
find any of them defines dlopen etc..

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To ahoffmann's Tuesday question:

Check your manual. It is always shl_load() including 9.x. I only know one variant in 9.x. To support C++ global constructor/destructor,  one should use xxshl_load()/xxshl_unload(). This has already been integrated into shl_load/unload since 10.x
kejin, thanks for the additional info
treewolfAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.  How did you search the libraries for the dlopen reference, maybe I can try it on my machines?

Thank you again.
for f in /usr/lib/*.sl /usr/lib/*.o ....
echo $f
nm $f | grep dlopen

Sorry, I am not good at shell programming,
this is only a pseudo shell script.
looks good, this pseudo shell ;-)
just would add -gop options to nm (not shure if HP supports -g, but does -o and -p) and then | grep T
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