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I have a small Solaris workstation that, until now, allowed many people access to the root user account. I found that someone did something that deleted the entire /bin directory, preventing anyone from accessing the machine. Fortunately I had a telnet session running and was able to copy another machine's /bin files and get access restored; however, I cannot access it via any XDMCP clients.
Is there a SIMPLE way to get my system back to what it was or at least find a log file that can tell me what happened? I do not have a backup.
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Basically it's not clear if you have rebooted your system since the
disaster. It seems some services has gone down due to the abnormal state.
I recommend rebooting, but if you are interested just in the XDMCP
service, then assuming you use CDE you should do (as root):
/etc/init.d/dtlogin stop
/etc/init.d/dtlogin start

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if you had accountig running, you can view the activity of processes terminated using the acctcom command on the pacct file (in /usr/adm).
if you had auditing running, use auditpr on the file (bin1, bin2, or trail)
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