Samba and 2 ethernet cards

I am able to run samba server that came with RedHat linux 6.0 with one ethernet card but when the secon card is added you get a "network is busy" on the windows 98 machines.  I use swat to configure samba.  I also have tried the interfaces options.  I am at a loss.
Any help would be greatly apprecited.
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Did you specify both interfaces in your smb.conf file?
One possible cause is that the Windows client is trying to to connect to the wrong ip address.  Find out what ip address it thinks the Samba server possesses.  A simple way to do this is to run "ping <servername>" from the Windows c client.  That should reveal but ip address it associates with the Samba server netbios name.  If the ip address is incorrect, the problem may be coming from your /etc/hosts file.  Often times when people add a new interface the also create a new entry in /etc/hosts.  What Samba does when you start the daemons is it checks to see what the identity of the machine is (You can check this with the "hostname" command).  It then goes through /etc/hosts and looks for the first entry in the file that contains the hostname it just found.  When it finds that first entry it then assumes that the ip address in that entry is the correct ip address for the interface to bind to.  If you have added a new entry for the ip address of your new network card in /etc/hosts and the line precedes the entry for the ip address of the other network card and the hostnames are the same in both entries then this could very well be the source of the problem.

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