Any DOS operation crashes Win 95

Windows 95 (950B also known as OSR2) was installed on a freshly formatted drive.  Any attempt to run a DOS program or open a DOS window results in a crash.

The form of the crash is a quick error message replaced by a black screen.  The message does say something about waiting for system to respond and hitting ctrl/alt/del if it doesn't, and it never does respond.

DOS runs just fine when rebooted to it from shutdown or when activated by the opening menu (from F8) at boot time.

System is modern, and as a dual boot system, runs NT4 off a partition that is fully hidden from 95 just fine.  Won't bother with details of system unless pertinent.

I saw something like this two years ago, but have forgotten all the details of what I did then.  Any idea what I should investigate first?  Don't expect quick responces, as I can only access system every few days as it is at the home a a busy friend.
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oldgreyguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
video drivers sometimes become the wart on the nose, I would probable go back to a previous one, or try the plane vanilli VGA drivers, just to see if the problem clears

I would take a look at the video drivers, make sure that they are up to date
ahgrayAuthor Commented:
Video board is Diamond Stealth 3D 4000 using version Windows 95 driver from CD that came with machine.   Newest driver at Diamond's web pages (redone so links that used to point there don't any more) is at and is for version and was posted 2/98.    Since newest drivers usually come from internet, this stumps me  --  could there have been a recall on 3307?   Maybe I should try 3306?
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ahgrayAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I was going to try both when I got back there which may not be till next week.  I downloaded the posted ones to have on hand for that attempt.
also, take a look at dosstart.bat

do a find files for it
right click on the file and select edit
post contents here
ahgrayAuthor Commented:
Sorry, but this is one of those computers that has no dosstart.bat (I had checked for that at first, and just had the computer owner check also)
Also check for a BIOS upgrade.  If its a generic motherboard that may be hard though.  I had a Dell machine just a few weeks ago with this exact problem. I had to do a BIOS and video upgrade as well as apply a Dell-specific OSR2 patch.  It was a Dell though, so patches were easy to come by.
ahgrayAuthor Commented:
I removed new drivers and went to straight VGA to test that there was no problem going to DOS.   Then I installed the older (.3306) drivers that were posted by Diamond on the internet rather than the newer (.3307) ones that came with the board a few years ago.  The older drivers worked fine, so maybe that's why the newer ones weren't posted (though you'd think they'd put a comment about not using newer ones at the web site).
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