ATI Rage Pro with Mitsubishi LCD

I have an ATI Rage Pro 4MB video card and a Mitsubishi 15" LCD (model LXA530W).

When I run Xconfigurator, it can recognize the LCD

PCI Entry: Mach64  GB
XServer: Mach64

I choose either:

Mitsubishi LCD 40 (LXA420W)
Mitsubishi LCD 50 (LXA520W)

and then it starts Xserver and says successfully probed my video card. default mode:

Color depth : 32 bits per pixel
Resolution: 1024 x 768

I say Use Default and it tests it. I see the "do you see this" but it is difficult to read (thin lines through and looks fuzzy in areas). I also tried LCD 1024 x 768 and looked worse. I then tried LCD 800 x 600 and it seems better.

How can I get this thing to work so i can see 1024x768 with nice clean display?

Help (and thx!) ...
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v_likicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, in my experience LCD does not work with XFree86
as one might hope. To get optimal performance, you have
to tune up XFree86 manually, i.e. to play with the
file /etc/X11/XF86Config. I have ATI Rage Pro Turbo
and SHARP LCD, which I run at 1024x768@70 Hz. I use
the following Modeline in the section "Monitor":

Modeline "1024x768"    75    1024 1048 1184 1328  768 771 777 806

Note that apart from this, you need to have frequencies
properly defined, which is for my monitor:

HorizSync   31-60
VertRefresh 56-75

(DO NOT use these frequencies; consult your LCD manual
for the correct numbers). Apart from that, sections
"Device" and "Screen" should look something like:

Section "Device"
    Identifier  "ATI Rage Pro Turbo"
    VendorName  "ATI"
    BoardName   "Unknown"
    VideoRam    4096
    ChipSet     "ati"

# The accelerated servers (S3, Mach32, Mach8, 8514, P9000, AGX, W32, Mach64
# I128, and S3V)
Section "Screen"
    Driver      "accel"
    Device      "ATI Rage Pro Turbo"
    Monitor     "Sharp LL-T152AP"
    Subsection  "Display"
        Depth       32
        Modes       "1024x768"
        ViewPort    0 0
        Virtual     1024 768

After you set up all correctly, the picture may still be
fuzzy, and you may have to play with ADJUST PHASE
and CLOCK on you monitor to get really a good picture.

Final notes: my monitor supports 1024x768 at 75 Hz, which
I was not able to attain. Secondly, all the settings for
my LCD Windows NT auto-detects correctly, and gives a
perfect picture right away, probably at 75 Hz! Clearly,
linux is far behind when LCDs are in question.

What version of xfree86 are you using?  What distribution of linux, and which version?
jansenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help, right now I have another issue which I will post until which time I cannot test the suggestion but it looks like a great answer!
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