how to stop 'status bar' & 'favorites' folder

How can I stop the 'status bar' from showing every time I open IE5 up, I've unchecked it in view.

I also get an empty folder (links) in 'favorites', every time I open IE5. I've deleted the 'links' folder in the C:/windows/favorites which didn't help.

Thanks for any help that you can give me, Mike


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  i tried that when i uncheck the statusbar and close the IE5 and again open the IE5 i am not getting the status bar.

  if u want to remove the Link folder from Favorites
 select Organise... beside the Add option select the Link folder  and  delete button is there delete Link folder.

 good luck

mjcapAuthor Commented:
It does not help removing the Links folder from Favorites using "Organise" then delete. I've also tried holding down the 'control' button when closing the IE5 window after removing the links folder.

I have notice that I only get the 'status bar' problem when I open a 'new' window from an existing window so this is no longer a problem with me.

Thanks, Mike


  i  deleted the Link folder, Favorites does not contain that folder.i  closed the IE5 and opened again  Favorites, it does not contain Link folder .Opened new window from existing IE5 the new window does not contain in  Favorites the Link folder.
i don't know how it is not deleted when u tried .

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mjcapAuthor Commented:
i  deleted the Links folder, Favorites does not contain that folder.i  closed the IE5 and opened again Favorites contain Links folder .Opened new window from existing IE5 the new window does contain in  Favorites the Links folder.

Have also deleted the links folder, used the control button when closing that window, then reboot with the links folder there again in favorites.

Thanks, Mike

 u r correct.  IE5 may requires that Link folder that's why when u open IE5, u will get Link folder . deleting the Link folder is not possible.

mjcapAuthor Commented:
I found a little more information

Although the Links folder cannot be deleted, the properties of the Links folder can be set to Hidden so that the folder is no longer displayed when you open the Favorites.

To set the properties of the Links folder to Hidden:

Click Favorites on the toolbar.
Right-click the Links folder, and then click Properties.
Click to select the Hidden check box.
Click OK.

You can press F5 to refresh the file listing and the Links folder will no longer be displayed, although it will still be in the system and function normally.

Thank you for your time, please post your answer for the points, Mike

hi Mike ,

 thank u for ur information.

 good luck.

 cheers ...

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mjcapAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your time, Mike
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