I am trying to load MS Works (CD-ROM) onto my new machine with WIN 98, but the installation fails because it says it is missing the file "Share.exe".  I checked my original WIN 95 and Win 98 Upgrade CD's for this file, but it was not there.  I also checked for it on the Microsoft web site, but could not locate it there.  What to do?
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What version of Works are you trying to load, if it is for Win3.1, then it is looking for DOS share.exe, it is my understanding that Win95/98 either doesn't need/incorporates "share" in its functions.

if it is a 3.1 version, then I would go look for a new version, the upgrade price would be rather reasonable since Microsoft seems to want it everywhere that Office isn't

Share.exe is not supported by W95 or W98.It would be appropriate to go out and buy an upgrade.  For about 20 bucks, you would have a fix.  

But, if you want to use the DOS version of MSWorks that I think you have, here's something I found at  I searched for "share.exe" and got the following, which could help.  

Date: 29 Sep 1999
Time: 22:53:42
Remote Name:

I have finally solved the Share.exe problem after only 5 minutes. (just to blow my own horn). There are several so called fixes for this but they dont work. This one did for me under Win95OSR2, might work under Win98, let me know. MSworks was the test subject.

Step 1:go into notepad type X and "save as" SHARE.exe (I believe the caps are very necessary). Save it into c:\windows\command and into C:\ and into c:\windows I think other programs other than msworks look into stupid places for it.

Step2: install msworks or whatever

Step3:(you can actually skip this step) reboot your computer, notice that the reboot goes into an infinite loop? Turn off your computer and curse MicroSoft. Watch SouthPark movie and cheer when they shoot Bill Gates.

Step4: Put in your trusty Dos6 or DRdos floppy and boot.

Step5: Edit your Autoexec.bat file. The line that mentions Share.exe type rem in front of it and save.

Step6: Reboot into win95.

Step7: Thank for solving the case of the missing Share.exe. Microsoft could have put this dummy file in themselves but they are not into customer service.

Yours; Kevin


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n5tpAuthor Commented:
The Works CD ROM I have was supplied with a Win 95 machine I purchased 3 years ago, so don't think it is a DOS version.
Will try the fix with the dummy file.  Thanks very much for the advice.  TP
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