we are using groupwise 5.5 client for email purpose.

in one of our pc after launching groupwise 5.5 following error message is coming


after clicking ok i can use email.
how to avoid this error message



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Possibli user database corrupted
Try run Gwcheck against the User with these settings: Analyze and Fix, Structure, Contents, Fix Problems on the User DB
SJECCPAuthor Commented:

it is coming for all the user in particular machine.i reinstalled groupwise5.5 also

There are 2 TID's to start with 2933629 & 10010537

 Updated Error D115 Launching GroupWise Client (Last modified: 19OCT1999)  TID10010537

Fact:      Novell GroupWise 5.1
Novell GroupWise 5.2

Symptom:      Error launching GroupWise client
Error: D115

Change:      Restored GroupWise system from backup

Cause:      Damaged user database

Fix:      Restore the user database from backup

NOTE:  In some instances a specialized GWCHECK will also fix this problem.  
See Error D115 and SETONLY.NGW

NOTE:  If this is a new account, then you can rename the userxxx.db file in the ofuser directory, try running an analyze/fix with "structure" and "fix" checked and if that doesn't work, then run a structural rebuild against the user ID.  You should then be able to log into the new account.

Document Title:      Error D115 Launching GroupWise Client
Document ID:      10010537
Solution ID:      5.0.369684.1687668
Creation Date:      01JUL1998
Modified Date:      19OCT1999
Novell Product Class:      Groupware


D115 Error Reported with GW5.x Client (Last modified: 13APR1999)  TID2933629
This document (2933629) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document.
When launching the GroupWise 5.2.x or 5.5.x client, a D115 "Security Breach" error may be reported, and the user cannot enter GroupWise.

This error can also occur after performing a "Recreate User Database" using GWCHECK

Though no error message is reported, these same users may be unable to access their mailbox via WebAccess, or via POP3 and IMAP on the GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA).

Additionally, an Error 44 may be reported when running GWCheck.
This problem can be corrected by performing a specialized Content check on these users' mailboxes.

To correct this problem, use GWCheck 5.2 dated Dec. 22, 1997 or newer (the most recent version of GWCheck 5.2 is available on the Novell Support Connection).

1. Before running GWCheck, create a file in the same directory named "SETONLY.NGW". This file need not contain any information. The existence of this file in the GWCheck directory will disable the full Content check and will repair the D115 error only.

2. Run an Analyze/Fix Contents on the affected users. Mark only "Contents", "Fix problems" and "User".

3. Delete the SETONLY.NGW file from the GWCheck directory.

Users should then be able to launch GroupWise successfully.

There are some instances in which this procedure may not eliminate the error. In this case, a second method may be used to correct the problem on a user-by-user basis.

DO NOT run GWCheck with VRFIXUP.NGW without first making a backup of the User.db.  It is possible that VRFixup can actually cause problems (D115) with accessing GroupWise afterwards.  If the customer has multiple domains and has Post Offices with the same name VRFixup can actually write the wrong Domain name into the User.db record and cause an irreversable D115.  If you run a VRFixup and cause a D115 the customer would need to restore the affected user.db from backup or *.dba etc...

1. As before, create a file in the GWCheck directory. This file should be named "VRFIXUP.NGW" and need not contain any information.

2. Run an Analyze/Fix Contents on the individual user that still reports the D115 problem. Mark only "Contents", "Fix problems" and "User".

3. Delete the VRFIXUP.NGW file from the GWCheck directory.

NOTE:  In one case, a "recreate user database" had to be run with GWCHECK before running running GWCHECK with the SETONLY.NGW file.

NOTE:  In another case, the D115 was machine specific, and we just did a total uninstall of the GW client and then a reinstall.  This took care of the problem.

Document Title:      D115 Error Reported with GW5.x Client
Document ID:      2933629
Document Revision:      15
Creation Date:      12JAN1998
Modified Date:      13APR1999
Novell Product Class:      Groupware


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