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I have a Compaq Presario 1610 Laptop.  I recently was cleaning the hard drive of some files and backing up files as well.  I noticed that shortly after this:  I click on Startup and a pop up menu comes forth with Programs, Documents, Settings, etc.  I go further and click on Programs and a second tier of programs arrives with names, etc.  I click on a prorgam and a third tier appears with the program's contents.  When I click on the name of the program (or read me file, etc.) NOTHING HAPPENS.  In order to start a program I have to go to settings, then start up, then start up programs, then advanced to dispaly the names of all the programs.  I then click on those to start the program.  WHAT DO I DO TO RESTORE THE ORIGINA FUNCTIONING OF THE START UP MENU?
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Try to create a new shortcut for your programs in your start menu\programs folder, you can just use Windows Explorer to do that, if it works you can probably just delete the old shortcuts. Or go into the menu\programs folder, right-click on the shorcut to your program, select properties then look under target and make sure the path to your program is correct.
Hope this helps!!
The following could be the reasons for the problem:

1. You have deleted the programs for which the Menu Item on the Start->Programs-> Program Name Menu item is the shortcut.
In this case you wish to remove the shortcut from the Menu. Right click on the Start Button, click on Open All Users if the shortcut was previously available in the lower portion of the Start->Program Menu. Else Right Click on the Start button and choose Open from the Menu.
In both cases you will Find "Programs" in the view. Now double click on the shortcut and you will find the folder relating to the Program you have deleted. Delete the folder.

2. You have moved the program from the current location to another. In this case go to the Shortcut as earlier suggested. See if the shortcut is a single entity or a folder. In case of single file delete the shortcut. And through the explorer find the file, right click on it, select create shortcut and drag the shortcut to the Programs folder. If the Entry was a folder double click on the folder, see waht all shortcuts you have and individually repeat the procedure for single file shortcut creation to all the files in the folder. This time drag the shortcuts to Programs->FolderName and then drop them inside the folder.

3. If not the existing shortcuts are corrupted. Locate the files and individually create shortcuts as mentioned above.

Hope this is wht you wanted. If my understanding is wrong feel free to comment. Let me help you with that.

All the best

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