Windows default dialog box

how we can access the controls on windows default dailog box & MAKe some customization
e.g. how we can change the text 'Look in'
on dialog box to some other text
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>>controls on windows default dailog box
What U mean???????
are u using MFC ?
You can't. The text is static. Explorer style common dialogs can only be customized by adding additional controls, not by changing existing controls.

You _can_ hack your way into the structure of the box and try to make a change, but that's not a reliable technique. It's particularly poor because there's no easy way to change the size and layout of the existing controls.

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pratishAuthor Commented:
i am using MFC.
windows default dialog box means
open & save dialog box,i want to customize that box.

mean i want to chane it's static text. i am developing a multilengual package
These boxes are localized for each version of Windows. That is, when a user has a version of Windows specific to a given language, your application will automatically show the dialog that's appropriate for that culture.

(Or, in Windows2000, when the user has a language pack installed and selected, the dialogs will similarly be localized appropriately.)

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