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is there any emulator for MMX, so my pentium classic can run a program which need MMX ext ??

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To answer your question, yes there is an emulator.  I had it and probably still do have it somewhere.  However I ran it on a Pentium 133 MHz, but not any real improvement.  In fact, I think it actually did a little harm.  Not physically, but in comps. performance.  Anyway, I agree with jhance, if you really want MMX performance, get a new CPU. has a Pentium 166 MHz MMX for only $26.95 Pentium 200 MHz MMX for only $34.95, actually this site also has a Pentium 233 MHz MMX w/ heat sink and fan for only $29.95.  So if you really need MMX, check and make sure you MotherBoard can handle 166 or higher and buy it.
Yes and no.  Intel did indeed make a MMX emulator library available to software vendors to develop and test code against so that they could have an existing code base using and showcasing the MMX instruction set when it was introduced.  So from that point of view, it was there and did work but was not available to the public.

Even if you were able to get one, however, you would not be satisfied with the results.  I presume that the software you want to run makes use of MMX for a good reason.  That reason is speed and an emulation of MMX will be lacking that and lacking it BADLY!

My advice to you is upgrade you old Pentium CPU with a newer one that does have the MMX set.  These days you can probably locate one for US$20 or so.  Most Pentium motherboards can take one especially if they are Socket 7.
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