Table extensions

I've created a database and I would like to know which files that are removable and what they are good for.

These are the extensions:

.DB  -main table
.PX  -?
.VAL -?
.X02 -?
.Y02 -?
.FAM -?
.X06 -?
.Y06 -?

There are also files called something like "DEL.MD" of "DELnn.MB" or similar. These are created when I run my program and only some of them are deleted when the program is terminated. What about these? Should I delete those?

Another wierd file is "Dbdwork.ini", I suppose it is created by Database Desktop in the work dir, do I need to include this file when I distribute my program?

Please help me!

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I'm not sure but I'll mention some of them:

..px : primary index
..val : required and default values
..mb  : overfollow memo data

let the others tell you the rest.

hi sageryd,

px - primary index
val - defined validations (range, defaults, masks, required)
mb - blobfile
x..,y..,xg.,yg. - secondary indexes
fam - family file (connects togather what should be together) no usage in delphi programs, just needed for paradox-frontend and object-pal

all others are useless and temporary also the dbdwork.ini, .fam and can be deleted after the access to the db has ended.

additional files which can occur

lck - lockcontrolfile, should disappear if the last user disconnect
net - netaccesscontrolfile
qbe - query by example

sagerydAuthor Commented:
So at the moment I should leave all the files, and when I distribute my prog I should remove every file except .DB, .VAL, .MB, .X.., .Y.., .XG., .YG. .


Why are there blob files when I am not using any blobs?
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hi sageryd,

yup, do not delete
>.DB, .VAL, .MB, .X.., .Y.., .XG., .YG.
but all this files must also have the same name as the .db-file.

the db-file is


then the other files are

MyDat.x..  (. stands for a digit 0..9)

your DELnn.MB file is a temporary file, i guess as result from a more complex query (deletion i guess).

also keep in mind, that you should not delete files, if there is an access to the db-file (could be that the temporary files are in use)

sagerydAuthor Commented:
Ok! Thankz for your help! You may post an answer.
hi sageryd,

glad to helped you,
good luck again


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sagerydAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Merry X-mas!
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