Resampling image

I have a picture in 1024x800 pix
I need to see it in small box without loosing quality.
if I resize it I’m loosing quality.
I hear that there is an option "RESAMPLING Image" that can help me to see Small picture without loosing quality.
Need Help for some Source example and/or DLL/OCX.
Thanks in advance.
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If You make your image smaller you will have to accept some loss in image quality.
Yes, absolutely. You can have Resampling in many different clever ways, but none can avoid loss of quality. The best result depends on the image as well as the method used for Resampling. There is no solution that will always work.
danybAuthor Commented:
Do you have at least one example to "discover" for me?
how to RESAMPLE?
hi danyb,

I'm afraid not. My experience with resampling is limited to a user level: I've resampled images using products such as Paint Shop Pro.

It's a technique to minimise loss of quality, but you can't avoid it. Simply speaking, you've got information in X pixels, and now you are trying to display the information in X/4 pixels (for example) without losing information. That can only be achieved if there is an awful lot of redundancy in the information. In your typical photograph or drawing that is not the case, and therefore you'll lose information. In other words, quality loss.

On the other hand, almost every picture does contain a lot of redundancy, and that is where resampling comes in. It takes advantage of redundancy to reduce quality loss. But all resampling methods depend on particular types of redundancy, and therefore work best for that particular type. If you feed such an algorithm a picture with an entirely different form of redundancy, you may actually get more quality loss than if you simply resized the picture.

Sorry I can't really help you on this, except to say, if you're looking for a guaranteed way of reducing the picture size without losing quality, forget it. It isn't possible.

There is a good graphics class ( all source code )
available free from 
This has the ability to resample and alot more there are also some sample apps which use this class.

Hope This Helps

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