RMI method call, how to deal with line hangup?

My client uses a dial-up networking connection to my server.
The client makes several RMI calls to fetch login information.

Now my problem is this:

If the dial-up connection hangs up for some reason during RMI calls, a new dial-up and client start do nothing. It seems like the previous RMI call is still alive (even if the applet was killed) and blocking a socket. The line is ok, no problem there, but the login does not proceed.

Can the RMI connections be "cleaned"? Does the cleaning have to take place on the client (obviously, since it does not work) and in the server?
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memingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Server would have to keep a pool of connections and do lifecycle maintenance of the connections. Multithreading would have to be taken care of by the programmer -- RMI doesn't do it for you. Take a look at CORBA to see if it fits better to your connection requirements.
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