Detect user activity

Is it possible to detect how long a the pc activity has been idle.

or perhaps how to detect when the screensaver starts.
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you can detect when screensaver is too start like:

procedure TForm1.AppMessage(var Msg : TMsg; var bHandled : boolean ); begin
  if((WM_SYSCOMMAND = Msg.Message) and (SC_SCREENSAVE = Msg.wParam) )then   Begin
    // bHandled := True; {this would disable the screensaver}

Regards Barry
kogerAuthor Commented:
Ok, but i would prefer the other sollution, that detects the user activity
Igor UL7AAjrSenior developerCommented:
What you mean: PC activity? - key pressing and mouse moving? Is it? And do you need to detect it from an another PC through network or in the yourself application or in the  application hidden from another users? I have some solutions, but I need the details.

Best regards.
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the only other way is too write a keyboard and mouse hook, that after getting an event sets a timer into action until another key is pressed(or mouse is moved).
getcursorpos to see if mouse is moved and trap all keys.(maybe a hotkey compoent will suffice).
Windows automatically checks system whether it is idle or not. All you have to do is set screen saver interval and catch the message activating it.
ah found a easy way ;-)

this component is for this and simply uses a mesage hook to trap

if (Msg.message = WM_MOUSEMOVE) OR (Msg.message = WM_KEYDOWN) then
reset timer..

Regards Barry

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did you try it?
it seems to work quite well.
The link mentioned
does not seem to exist anymore
Who can I get the component ?
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