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how do i create an msinet control using create object ?
i tried
Private inetmain As inet
Set inetmain = CreateObject("InetCtls.Inet")

I get type mismatch ... it doesnt error when i dim inetmain as object but it still doesnt work correctly..

Any ideas?

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LorenGConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I have been down this exact road.  Unfortunatly.  You can not create it with the create object.  You can only load it as a control.  You can either load additonal controls ad run time, or you will need to use the wininet.dll and it's respective api if you want a formless application.  If you are just getting html pages, I have a class wrapper already written for wininet that I can send you.

- Loren
crazymanAuthor Commented:
i will be using it for a few basic ftp commands but i want it encapsulated inside a class module instead of passing the inet control in a method..any examples of using the API to do this?
Unfortunatly I did the http version of a class library.  These are the files I started with from Microsoft.  I had a lot of trouble using the async stuff.

crazymanAuthor Commented:
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