Create a file

How do I generate a filename out of a variable?
That means create a filename like 'myname.dat' from an input of name=myname, and store data in it.


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 my $time = time();
  my $dir = "/home/joeuser";

  open FILE, ">>$Dir/$time.$$.txt";

$time is just that.. a time stamp
$$ is the proc id..
and I added the .txt ext, for the heck of it.. but you can make it anything you want..

then you simply write to FILE like normal and close FILE when youre done..

Good luck..
do not open with the >>, this is append mode, you asked how to create.

I think it is miuch simpler:

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open(FILE,">$myname"); #would be one step simpler
# but >> also creates, if the file does not exist (or check $! if it fails)
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doebuckAuthor Commented:
Help! it seems I'm having problem with
open (FILE, ">filename.txt");

It won't create a new file. and if i add the
open (FILE, ">filename.txt")
|| die "can't open temp for writing because $!"; i get internal error.

did i miss out some permission issues here?
Is the directory write protected?
Are you the owner of the directory?
Does a file already exist?
is the File handle FILE used elsewhere already?
Is the statement ABOVE the Open file one correct?

How are you calling the open?

Can you open ANY other file names?

What do you mean by "internal error"?
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