Cannot run linux

When i try to run linux the screen goes totally blank, and all I can do is  ctrl-alt-del, which restarts. I can log in OK, but then it tries to load but it goes totally blank. Also I try to configure my graphics card, but even then when it tries to probe, it also goes blank. I have:

2d= ATI AGP Rage 128
3d= Voodoo 2 pci
I havn't a clue what my moniter is, but i do know all the refresh rates and stuff are.

Can someone help, I have a version called phat linux, which is a windows based linux, but it uses the same installation as Red Hat.
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try to type ctrl-alt-backspace
that should get you to a command prompt
then type xf86config
Also try ctrl-alt-F1
or          ctrl-alt-F6

Then xf86config, xconf or Xconfigurator

Not fammiliar with phat linux but try this:
Doing ctrl-alt-bcksp may work but it may just reload the Xwindows login screen (default)
Boot up in single user mode (type "linux single" at the lilo
prompt) this will drop you to a shell (I hope like I said not fammiliar with phat linux)
run Xconf

I know that Redhat 5.2 had problems with ATI rage IIc cards and that was fixed with RedHat 6.0 perhaps there is an updated version of the OS you installed?

Alternatetively try booting with just the ATI card or borrow a friends generic PCI/ISA crappo VGA card and see if you get any visual

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