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I work with Windows NT Server and i need Linux to be my server instead of NT.  How can i do that.  Please answer mi quickly.
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Sobredo_aAuthor Commented:
I would like to see every machine from mine, as i can do with the NT Server
George R. KasicaSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:

You can use the latest rev of SAMBA and configure it to be a PDC for the domain and this will allow the linux box to act like your NT Server does for login security. You need to make sure its on the same domain as the NT stuff or you will have trouble seeing other systems.
Sobredo_aAuthor Commented:
I do not understand a word.  I now about SAMBA but all i want is exactly how can i do that.
Please somebody answer to me soon.
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It's simple to get a basic setup running. What Linux distribution are you using?  What type of Windows clients are you using (NT/Win98/Win95)?

It's a tip...

 If your clients are Win98 you must be problems to authenticate... Samba knows clear text passwords and Win98 doesn't use this type of password by default... You will have to read a doc that cames with samba... This doc explains how to edit Win98 registry to make it uses clear text password.

Andre Langkjer.
I cannot beleive that people in this day and age still recommends patching samba to do clear text auth, when it is FASTER to make samba use crypted passwords, and do yuo REALLY want your windows passwords to be transmitted in clear text?

Just READ the following How-To.  It will be quicker than stepping through it here, and it has all of the info you need.


And, by the way, do not set windows to use clear text passwords.  Just use the setting in the smb.conf file to have samba use encrypted passwords.


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