Adding a static route

I'm trying to add a static route, which I can see
with the command ping.

The problem is that I don't know the metric

when using the command

route add name_route new_address metric ??

Any idea,,,. thanks in advance...
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langkjerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't need to use metric... use: route add [-net|-host] <address> <gateway>

I hope it helps...
  Andre Langkjer.
In normal cases you dont need to set the metric. Just set it to 1...

cu harrys
Are you sure you need to specify the metric? Usually a metric is specified when there is more than one route to a destination. The metric would be used to perfer one route over another. With only one gateway to a destination, you should specify 1 as the metric. I think this is the default.

Have you tried creating the route without specifying a metric? Are you able to reach your destination? If the route is to a different network, you may need to use the -net option and specify a mask.
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