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I recently downloaded MDAC which installed a newer version of the SQL Server ODBC Driver (3.70.0690).  We are using SQL Server 7.0 which shipped with version 3.70.0623 of the ODBC Driver.

Do I need to load a new version of INSTCAT.SQL to use this newer version of the ODBC Driver?

How do I know when a new version of INSTCAT.SQL needs to be installed for newer ODBC Driver versions?
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chigrikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SQL Server ODBC Driver 3.70.0690 comes with SQL 7 SP1 and with MDAC 2.1 SP2. You can download and install only MDAC (it not necessary to install service pack 1 for work with ODBC Driver 3.70.0690, but it recommended). You may download MS SQL 7.0 SP1 from here:
dwillerthAuthor Commented:
Does a catalog of stored procedures (instcat.sql) go with a SQL Server Version or with an ODBC Version?  If a Catalog of Stored Procedures goes with a SQL Server Version, does a new catalog of stored procedures ever come out for a specific SQL Server Version?

Basically, I'm nervous about using a different version of the ODBC Driver without installing new service packs or new Catalogs of Stored Procedures on the SQL Server.  We have had problems with the SQL Server ODBC Driver version 3.60.0319.  We find that using that driver against SQL Server 6.5 or SQL Server 7.0 causes what looks like rounding problems.  You enter 100 and the server inserts 101 into the table.  

Read about "How to upgrade the catalog stored procedures" from SQL Server Books online for more information. It therefrom: "...Instcat.sql script that comes with your new version of SQL Server...".

Look also at here:
INFO: ODBC Client Error After Connecting Using MDAC SQL Server Driver

Q137636 INF: Relationship of the ODBC Driver to INSTCAT.SQL

Why you don't want to download MS SQL 7.0 SP1 (service pack 1)? It contain near 40Mb and after its installation you will not have problems with the various versions.
dwillerthAuthor Commented:
It's not that I don't want to install SP1.  I'm trying to figure out how all this connection stuff works so that when the next new version of the ODBC Driver or an older verion gets installed on someones workstation, I'll know if I have to do something to make it work.  My worries stem from the fact that we have had trouble with the 3.60.0319 Driver, with both SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0.  I am beginning to think it may be a problem of Visual Foxpro not being compatible with the 3.6 driver.

The articles you mentioned and you're comments have helped.  

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