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I have two ultra ATA/66 HD's in my system. I have just read that a special cable (40 pin, 80 conductor) is required for the HD's to run at max capacity. I am wondering how I could verify that I have the right cable...other than buying one. Perhaps visually or a utility that will clock the data transfer rate.
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ATA/66 and normal IDE cables are made from different cable materials.  Look at the cable.  If it's similar in appearance to the cable going to the FLOPPY except for it's width, then it's a standard 40 pin IDE cable.  If it is markedly different and has 80 conductors, it's an ATA/66 cable.
jgvAuthor Commented:
Looked the same so I bought the proper cable. Discovered that besides the ribbon looking different (finer wires, grey) the connectors are colour coded.

Black-primary drive
Grey-slave drive

Out of curiosity, when I check the properties of either HD through the 'system' icon in control panel, the DMA check box is not selected. Is that normal or should it be checked?
The installation selects DMA off by default for maximum compatibility.  Before enabling it, however, you need to be sure you have located and installed the latest UDMA/66 drivers for your specific motherboard.  Go to the website of your system or motherboard manufacturer and download the correct drivers.  The installation of these should turn on DMA by default.
jgvAuthor Commented:
Looked for an updated driver but already had it (system is a few months old). I turned on the DMA for both drives and did a quick test. It took 1:28 to copy 325 Meg of files from HD-HD. That's close to half the time it took to copy the same files before adding the cable. Looks like it's working the way it should now.
Thanks for the help
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