Pokemon, re: Japanese 'UnGeller' character

Is there a Pokemon character called the UnGeller? I’m certain the Japanese version has something like this – it’s a spoonbending little fellow. I’d appreciate any details, however marginal their relevance might seem: when did UnGeller appear, how popular is it, is it based on Uri Geller, etc?
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As far as I know there is no UnGeller
I've searched a lot of sites for you
but not even the official site has a name in there index that says UnGeller
or The UnGeller...
Maybe the name is not right or something like that...
If you have more info I can find it for you.


ChrisStevensAuthor Commented:
I've since found out that UnGeller is the phonetic pronounciation of the Japanese written word.
Apparently the character is called Alakazam or Kadabra in the West.
Am I right to think that it is holding a bent spoon? Is it the only monster that has these 'powers'?
Hello Chris,

I've got a lot info about the UnGeller aka Abra-Kadabra-Alakazam for ya.

EVOLUTION: Abra-Kadabra-Alakazam

As you can see Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam are one and the same character.

And you are right about the spoon and all.

Abra (keeshii in Japan):

Abra lack attack abilities, but their power to teleport their way out of trouble makes them difficult to capture. They will evolve into Kadabra at level 16.

TYPE: Psychic
HEIGHT: .9 m
WEIGHT: 19.5 kg

This is the UnGeller when he is young.

Kadabra (Yungeraa in Japan):

Kadabra relies on a strong mind rather than a powerful body to win. It can send out waves of mental energy that cause headaches at close range.

TYPE: Psychic
HEIGHT: 1.5 m
WEIGHT: 159 kg

here he's more mature..a teen...well sort of.

Alakazam (Fuudein in Japan):

Experts believe that Alakazam's brain is as powerful as any supercomputer. Its incredible Psychic abilities back up that belief.

TYPE: Psychic
HEIGHT: 1.9 m
WEIGHT: 125 kg

This is his mature form.
looks very cool and with a spoon!
But the bent spoon isn't his power. The spoon is bent by his phychic powers.
Nice detail.

If you want to check it out go to


This is the official nintendo pokemon site.
Here you chose the pokedex for all the pokemons.
Click on the name Abra and here he is...
with pictures of each form.

If you want some more picz go to


I hope this is the info you were looking for.

See ya later



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ChrisStevensAuthor Commented:
Thanks for a terrific reply. I am very grateful to you.

I'm glad i could help you out.
Thanks for the points and the grade.
If you have more question about Pokemon
maybe I can help you again.

Well buy for now.

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