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I have 3 different CD burning programs on my machine: Nero, Gear, and CDRwin. Haven't had problems before, but for some reason I can not get any of the three programs to copy my Age of Empires II. Any suggestions?
I heard (or read) somewhere that having multiple programs on the same system may cause them all to malfunction...... But again, I've not experienced problems before.
But I did recently re-load all my programs on my drive due to a major crash. Maybe this?

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Adam LeinssConnect With a Mentor Commented:, it uses SafeDisc copyright protection by C-dilla, that's why you can't copy it, because they don't want you to copy it!  You can bypass it, not sure if this question is approiate for this type of forum or not, but good luck, that is all the information I can give you! ;)
chinmanAuthor Commented:
That explains my difficulty.
I am sure you gonna be surprised that someone added a comment to your question after all these months but I just wanted to say that if you want to copy a protected game, copy it to ur harddisk and then rcord it at 1X. Also using a programe like CD Clone (search for it on would overcome the protection problems. is a 1st class game cracking so keep a close eye on it.
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