password protection

people are surfing the net on a co-worker's computer and visiting naughty sites. Lots of people have access to his work area during week-ends. He has 98 installed. Is there software which would require the user to log-in like in Network with a password ?
Thanks, Dave
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go to the control panel in the settings menu of the start menu

double click on the passwords icon

then click the Change Windows Password button

enter in a new password (leave the old password blank if there is none)

check the start menu where it says Log Off XXXX

the XXXX is the username you use to log in with your new password

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alternatively, you can double click on the users icon and then follow the instructions
Dave, is this PC on any kind of network?
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dlyons020598Author Commented:
It is on a small network. Scrapdog's answer worked on my computer(no network).
dlyons020598Author Commented:
yes, it is on a network
Dave, there are times like this when desktop machines are connected to a network, whether it is peer-to-peer, LAN or WAN, and you want to insure that users cannot bypass the logon screen or that others can't bypass it. In order to cause Windows 98 to handle this as a mandatory logon, have your friend try this. It works with the Microsoft Network Client as well as the Novell Client.

Open Regedit.

Scroll down to:


Add a new key, choose Binary Value and name it "mustbevalidated" without the quotes.

Once the key is created, right click on it, choose Modify and add the value of one (1), then click okay.

Now users will be unable to bypass the logon window and your fiends PC is secure.

win98 is the worst for local security... almost none provided as im sure you know u can just hit cancel at startup...
you need NT for this... then each person would have to logon and you could administer privelages.

What did your co-worker end up doing with this issue?
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