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I would like to intall Linux on my mac Powerbook 140.  If I can, where could I get the download the software with the documentation to explain from there?  Thank you.  I have searched for the software but have not found what I thought was the correct OS.
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A quick search didn't turn up any links from somebody who had gotten one to work. The linux m68k software seemed the most likely to work. Try this link for more info:

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JeffreyphAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  I am also continuing to look for addition apps and compatibility of other programs that will run on the 68k version.  This I can do as I learn more.  Your answer was great....
Not sure that Linux can be installed on a Mac. I have heard that mac is planning on releasing a Linux emulator you might want to check there site on information about that. As far as downloading the software, I recommend going out and buying it. A full version of Linux can really take a lot to download. I know is selling versions of Linux for 99 cents each. Good luck on getting it to work
JeffreyphAuthor Commented:
Thank you Matrix 2000
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