Source files for Apache web server ?

Where can I get Apache's source files ?
If I want to really learn and see how is Apache wriiten, which file should I begin ?

Can I get Apache's source files in RedHat 6.0 ?
What is current version of Apache ?
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j2Connect With a Mentor Commented: current ver 1.3.9

The source is available on the SRPMS CD of RH6
The latest version is 1.3.9.

You can download the tar.gz package to your redhat machine and run the following commands.
gunzip apache-1.3.9.tar.gz
that will leave with the tar file then run
tar -xvf on apache-1.3.9.tar and that will untar the file to a directory(apache-1.3.9) that contains the source. The source will be divided up into modules and packages. Files ending in .c will have the code for that section of the source.

If your redhat 6.0 cd has a SRPMS directory that has source rpms then you can get the source. Run rpm -ivh on the apache.src.rpm and that will place the source files in the /usr/src/redhat directory. also has some good info.

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