scan codes

I'd like to know the scan code of "ESC" and "Windows" Key.
Who can give me a hand please?
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found these in my Windows.pas.  Are they ok ?

  VK_ESCAPE = 27;
  VK_LWIN = 91;
  VK_RWIN = 92;

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oops, looks like what i have listed are the virtual keycodes.

But i think you can use the MapVirtualkey function to get the scancode i'll assume.

scancode := MapVirtualKey(vkey, 0);
There are two level for 'scan-codes'.  The actual scan codes the keyboards generate are, for the most part, found here:

Unfortunately, these are based on the 101 key keyboard, not the 104, so the Windows key is absent.  ESC is 76 (decimal) here, I cannot find the info for the Windows key.

More useful for the Delphi programmer is the BIOS translation of these scancodes.  For keys that have an ASCII value (like ESC), they will get a Keypress event, and the others won't, but they both get KeyDown/Up events, and here, ESC is 27 and Windows is 91.
Something I always did in DOS (I guess it should work here as well): Just write a program that displays the scancode when you press a key. That way, you can find out the scancode of every key you want!!!!

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