Database Desktop

I have problem starting Database Desktop.  Everytime I execute that program it give me this error :-

Could not initialize BDE.:
Directory is controlled by other .Net file.

The only option I have over at the error message box is OK button.  When I press OK, the program terminates.

Does anyone have any clue as to what has happened and how to solve this problem?
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lleonardConnect With a Mentor Commented:

>> Could not initialize BDE.:
>> Directory is controlled by other .Net file.

This message suggests that you've either:

-- Got another BDE application running (e.g. Delphi, Paradox, dBASE, or a custom app you wrote with Delphi) when you start the Database Desktop.

-- Crashed really hard recently, leaving a series of lock files from open tables, as well as the .NET file the Meikl mentioned.

Resolving this depends on what happened. If it's the latter,

1.  Shut down all BDE apps, including Delphi.
2.  Find and delete *.NET and *.LCK.
3.  If you're using 16-bit, reboot.

If it's the former (that is, you've got two applications running), then you need to configure BDE--and probably your other app--to be more aware of each other.

The NET file controls the pessimistic locking that Paradox uses.

All applications that lock Paradox tables in a shared environment need to use the same NET file.  (You can get around this if you don't share the data.)

Use either the IDAPI/BDE Configuration utility (16-bit) or the BDE Administrator in Control Panel (32-bit) and select the
native Paradox driver.  You'll see a setting called NET file.

Set that to a directory shared between all users (and processes) that will be sharing the tables you're working with.  This needs to be a directory with WRC permissions for all users working with the tables.

Save the changes.  (They get writting to either a .CFG file or the Registry, again depending on your version.)

Now, you can set NET FILE, a tSession property, at runtime in your Delphi apps, though I usualy find it easier to simply configure the end-user's local .CFG file.

I mention this in case you have several different applications using the BDE and want to incoprate an easier way of changing the NET file.  (I sometimes use INI Files.)
hi kokhoo,

examine your system and delete all .net from your system and try again

kokhooAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I am abled to run my Database Desktop now.
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