unwanted spaces in array

here is my code...

$cuswords = file( "cuswords.txt");
$array_size = sizeof($cuswords);
 for($i=0; $i<$array_size; $i++) {
     $cuswords[$i] = str_replace("\n","",$cuswords[$i]);
 /*testing array*/
 echo $cuswords[$i];}

i want to test this array against strings.... but when i use the test print i see that the values are printed "blah blah blah" while they should be stored as BlahBlahBlah with no spaces...
please help....

The text file is in the form of


if I understand correctly with the $value = file() command each new line is read as a new value into the array

thanx everyone....

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I think this has to do with your string replace arguments.
Assuming the text in your txt file is as follows:
"Blah bla bla"
(so on one line separated by spaces)...

Instead of "\n" you should then replace just " " with "".

By the way, if the text in your textfile is arranged in an other way, please post it so we can do some tests ourselves.

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Edited text of question.
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what about:
$cuswords[$i] = str_replace('\n','',$cuswords[$i]);

coz the length of $cuswords[$i]is only 1
$cuswords[$i] = str_replace('\n','',$cuswords[$i]);
would be wrong. [ you guess why : hint ' != " ]
What I think is either :
1. you have some DOS text file, so the line delimiter is \r\n
you replace only the \n. Then when outputed in HTML(I guess)
you see the \r as a space. Try replacing "\r\n"
2 . or , the echo also sends a \n.

But, I don't see the meaning. What are you trying to compare?
the whole text in the file? Then just do
$all = file ('mytextfile.txt');
$all = implode ("",$all);
$all = str_replace ("\n","",$all);
Header("Content-Type: text/plain");
echo "-->$all<--" ; //to see if it is the expected string;
$cuswords = file( "cuswords.txt");
$array_size = sizeof($cuswords);
 for($i=0; $i<$array_size; $i++)
    $cuswords[$i] = trim(str_replace("\n","",$cuswords[$i]));

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