Need info on foyers in France


I am desperately seeking information on foyers in France. I must stress I cannot speak a word of French so I need it all to be in English.
I need things like :
- when they were started
- who runs them
- general info
- anything basically

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Foyers are like the hostels except they offer some training alternatives.

THIS IS A UK SITE But has interesting background on the Foyer concept.     

FOYERS "a way forward into training and employment for young people in housing need"

Foyers seem to be for a longer stay and involve training.  Hostels are generally for a few days - several weeks.

France Foyers:     Many MANY links ---This link should answer almost all your questions.  French / English

Bonus info about France aside from the usual tourist attractions.  Visit all the Chateaus, wine areas and see the works.

I have Traveled France and Europe several times by Eurorail pass, public transportation and by foot.   French / English sites about France generally.
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pilch67Author Commented:
Thanks a lot for your effort.

However, I am not looking to travel around France. I need information on it's foyers for an essay.
See my original question for jist of what I want. Also, I have plenty of info on UK foyers but none on French ones.

Thanks alot
Provides info about a french foyer.

Describes how UK started a model after the french foyer including history.
The need for Foyer in the UK
Foyer network in France inspired the Pilot in England ...many different types of Foyer in France...."no home, no job, no job, no home cycle"....led to the evolvement of foyer....foyer philosophy as a central theme

Whilst there is a European wide Foyer movement, it was the Foyer network in France which inspired the Pilot in England. The French network of hostel type accommodation provides some 45,000 bed spaces for young people aged 16 - 25 years. These centres generally link the accommodation with training and enterprise, therefore young people entering a hostel must commit themselves to training and seeking work. Residents sign a contract which sets out the terms of occupation and the obligation to make use of the services the Foyer offers.  

There are many different types of Foyer in France, with a similar network in Germany. Foyers generally cater for a specific group of young people, e.g. young workers, students, women only, retail workers, trainees for local industry or those in housing need.

The Foyer network was primarily developed after the First and Second World Wars in response to the movement of people across France looking for work in the larger towns and cities. It was felt by Shelter and other agencies that this network had prevented the problem of youth homelessness developing in France as experienced in the UK. The model might offer the UK another solution to the problem of youth homelessness and unemployment, to help to break what Shelter identified as the "no home, no job, no job, no home cycle". In other words, the problems young people face in securing accommodation if unemployed and applying for jobs if they have no home. The Pilot was set up to test this idea and establish what Foyer could offer young people in the UK context.

The concept of Foyer, which in translation means "fireplace, hearth of the home", probably has its roots in the work carried out by the YMCA during the First World War. Local YMCA workers responded to the needs of soldiers for warmth and respite from the battlefield by setting up facilities for eating and sleeping in houses and barns around the war theatre. These F oyer du soldats (foyer for soldiers), together with other similar local community responses to people facing problems of displacement and hardship, led to the evolvement of foyer. (The work of the French and American YMCAs has been recorded in a book about John Mott of the American YMCA.) These facilities were eventually handed over to the authorities and local charities until the great expansion took place in the 1940's and 50's.

It is not surprising that YMCAs in England recognised the foyer philosophy as a central theme of their work and welcomed the opportunities it represented to respond to the needs of young people in the 1990's.

Every Foyer project is made up of five elements which form a coherent whole.

A network for local initiative
A local initiative run by local members of the public, elected representatives, business people and professionals who share the desire to enable young people to take their place in society.

A place to "hang one's hat" on arrival, to find one's feet in the town, to think out one's plan of action and to find a job. A refuge which becomes a springboard.
Training, counselling (on health, leisure time and personal relationships), advice (employment, administrative paperwork, social security entitlements), enterprise creation, allies and tutors, all in the framework of a mutual contract.
Social mix and group living
The place is not a ghetto, but a broad-based microcosm, with peer group support and the opportunity of drawing on a wide range of experiences and training. Here differences are valued and a culture of respect for the individual promoted in the context of group solidarity.

Economic requirements
Nothing is free, but everything is affordable. The service providing organisations are genuine business undertakings offering services direct to the young people (who are clients, not objects of assistance) and to members of the general public living in the local community or town.
Section drawn from work by OEIL : Organisation Europiene des Associations pour l'Insertion et le Logement de la Jeunesse (co-ordinating body of organisations for the social integration and housing of young people in Europe)

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pilch67Author Commented:
Great stuff !!!!

Thanks a lot. You must know where to look for this stuff!
I know it's cheeky but is there any more info out there on these French foyers ?
Don't worry if there's not I'll still give you the points.
Merry Christmas everyone.
ran1Commented:  Decree of recognition of the Work of the "Foyers de Charité" by the Pontifical Council for the Laity : 1986.  Opening of the diocesan enquiry in view of the beatification of Marthe Robin by Bishop Marchand, bishop of Valence, in the Drôme : 23 May 1991.
Extension of the Work : Opening of other Foyers in France from 1943
- Opening of the first Foyers
  in Europe, from 1957
in Africa, from 1961
in America, from 1963
in Asia, from 1964  

This is an interesting summary of work done by a disabled woman on French Foyers. The rest of the information on this foyer is in French:      TACKLING HOMELESSNESS – COMPARING ENGLAND & THE NETHERLANDS.  This paper mentions the french foyer model.  Includes an e-mail contact for someone who has researched this topic.

This is a lot of research on a dificult subject for 38 points.

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"Blue Light" Bonus Comment  Red Cross and French Foyers in 1920 era.  Use browser "find" function to locate foyer in text.
pilch67Author Commented:
Thanks a lot. You have been a great help. I couldn't have done this essay without you. Sorry about the points but I don't have that many.

Once again thenk you very much for your efforts ran1.
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