Mounting network drive (WNetAddConnection2) problem

I've got two programs : A and B
A has code to map a network drive using WNetAddConnection2.
This works fine if I start program a from the command line.
Program B is a NT-service. It's a scheduler which starts other programs according a time-schedule configuration. Program A is a program that is startet from within program B from time to time. Program B starts program A using: _spawnvp(_P_WAIT, CommandFile, Args);
If progam A is started that way by B, the WNetAddConnection2 method in porgam A returns error 1312 (A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated.
It must have to do that A and B have different sessions?
Do I have to use another method, than _spawnvp to start porgam A?
                             thanks for help martin
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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem is that the service runs under the LocalSystem account, which has almost admin privileges, but *NO* network access (thus the error code - the service has to gather credentials by authenticating to the remote server using a username and a password... and as LocalSystem simply has no password, we're lost). The only solution I can imagine is to set the service to run under a user account which has network access. This can be done by using the services spplet on the control panel and selecting 'start type' or in your call to 'CreateService()'.
mruffAuthor Commented:
I'm running the service now under an account that has network access, now it works, cool
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