Odd or even?


Does anyone know how to check in VBA whether an integer is odd or even?
In Excel the methods IsOdd and IsEven are available, but they don't seem to be around in VBA. Not even with the worksheetfunctions object.

Grtx, Eric
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You can use the Mod function:
Ie..to check the integer in cell A1,
try this:

Dim YourNumber As Integer
YourNumber = Range("A1").Value

If YourNumber Mod 2 = 0 Then
    MsgBox YourNumber & " is even"
    MsgBox YourNumber & " is odd"
End If


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For a little more explanation (of what I know about it anyway):

The mod function actually returns the remainder of a division problem, so if you divide a number by 2, and the remainder is 0, then it must be even.

Bit of a novice programmer but one way you could do it is using the MOD operator.
This divides 'number1' by 'number2' and gives you the remainder so if you divide your integer by 2 and the remainder is greater than 0 then the integer is odd.

[result field] = 10 mod 2
(The [result field] will be 0 therefore 10 is an even number)

e.g. 2
[result field] = 11 mod 2
([result field] will be 1 therefore 11 is an odd number)

You may find that a more experienced programmer can offer an easier solution but see if that helps in the meantime.
Ooops - beaten to it.

Shouldn't have taken so long submitting.
ehoutAuthor Commented:
Hmmm... Should have thougth about it myself. Though not exactly what I was looking for, indeed it is a way that suits my needs. Stupid of me not to think of this function.

However, to be fair: you were rigth, so enjoy your new points.

Grtx, Eric
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