test the existence of a file

in my cgi program,
i want to check if a file exists or not, how can i do it?

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BrainMasterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Assuming your using perl (state if your not btw)...

You can use the -e file test operator, example:

if ( -e "c:\\autoexec.bat" ) {
  print "Autoexec.bat exists.\n"
What programming language? What OS?
mwhuenAuthor Commented:
thanks, it works.
besides -e, any other test operator?
tons, check in perl's docs under perlfunc. Here is just part of the entry with all the test operators...

  -r  File is readable by effective uid/gid.
  -w  File is writable by effective uid/gid.
  -x  File is executable by effective uid/gid.
  -o  File is owned by effective uid.

  -R  File is readable by real uid/gid.
  -W  File is writable by real uid/gid.
  -X  File is executable by real uid/gid.
  -O  File is owned by real uid.

  -e  File exists.
  -z  File has zero size.
  -s  File has nonzero size (returns size).

  -f  File is a plain file.
  -d  File is a directory.
  -l  File is a symbolic link.
  -p  File is a named pipe (FIFO), or Filehandle is a pipe.
  -S  File is a socket.
  -b  File is a block special file.
  -c  File is a character special file.
  -t  Filehandle is opened to a tty.

  -u  File has setuid bit set.
  -g  File has setgid bit set.
  -k  File has sticky bit set.

  -T  File is a text file.
  -B  File is a binary file (opposite of -T).

  -M  Age of file in days when script started.
  -A  Same for access time.
  -C  Same for inode change time.
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